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Can't host a game when caves are enabled.

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I just bought the game a couple weeks ago. When I host a game without caves, it works fine.

When I add caves. I get: "Dedicated Server Failed to Start. There was some sort of trouble starting the server. Please try again." 

I  have no mods enabled, and I already verified the integrity of the game files. My computer is pretty good, it's a gaming laptop and I got it new last year.

I can play on my friend's server while he has caves enabled, i just can't start my own. 

What could the problem be?


Steps to Reproduce
I simply triend to host a game with caves, nothing out of the ordinary.

User Feedback

After turning off my McAfee firewall, I was able to launch a game with caves. However, on entering the cave on the server, I was immediately disconnected from the game. When trying to resume the game, it took me to the character selection screen. Also, it took a long time to launch and was very laggy even before I tried to enter the cave. I hope the extra info helps.


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