Can't get Newsletter reward KleiPoints

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Hi everyone , i'm trying to get the newsletter rewards for klei points , but when i click nothing happen. I ve put my email etc.. all done well i guess , but can t put my hand on this reward :/

It s like it s not saving my email . But i received the email confirmation and accepted it so i don't understand

Does someone know a solmution or can give me a clue ?


Thanks a lot ! 





Steps to Reproduce

Step to reproduce : try to click and get this reward , for me it s doesn t work

User Feedback

It sounds like you may be missing a step in order to be eligible to claim the Klei Points for the newsletter. First, your account will need to be already subscribed to the newsletter, before you click on the Claim Reward button. On the SETTINGS tab of your Klei Accounts page, could we get you to scroll down to "MARKETING OPTIONS" you'll see it under "MERGE AN ACCOUNT". 
Once you are on the "MARKETING OPTIONS" section of the page, please follow these steps to subscribe to the newsletter: 

Once you have clicked on the "Save Changes" button for Marketing Options, this will confirm subscription to the newsletter.  
From there, go back to the "REWARDS" tab of your Klei Account page and try to redeem the points for the Newsletter once more and you should receive the reward on your account.

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