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Can't find any servers

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When I want to connect to game via 'browse games' it won't find anything, the list just remains blank. It doesn't matter, if I change playstyle, change internet connection or if I just wait, nothing changes. However I still can host game, but apparently other players won't see the server. 

Steps to Reproduce
It keeps happening for a long time, it's going to be a month now. I didn't do anything (what I know) to cause this.

User Feedback

When connection issues happen, don't forget to attach a copy of your client_log.txt file cause that will shed more light on what could possible be going wrong behind the screen. Go to Documents\Klei\DoNotStarveTogether and drag drop client_log.txt from there to here in your next reply.

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In addition to Zillvr and Diaboliko's comments, please ensure that you are on the most updated version of the game and that you are not on any beta branches for Don't Starve Together. Unfortunately if you are on an outdated version/beta branch, different from all other players, you will not be able to find and join servers, and others will not be able to find/join your hosted servers.

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