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Can't change resolution on 4k monitor

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When I try to play on a 4k screen, the UI is too small to deal with, even set to 10. But if I change the resolution while Fullscreen is enabled, the game window scales down to only part of the screen in the upper left corner. If I disable Fullscreen, the UI doesn't visibly change, and when I quit out of settings and revisit them with fullscreen disabled, the resolution says it's 640x480?

This is happening on a Windows 11 Dell XPS and a 4K Samsung TV. I was able to get the UI to a viewable size while playing on the previous Windows 10 computer, same 4K screen. Is there a difference in how Win11 handles scaling that DST hasn't caught up to, yet? I can't play the game now. Thanks.

Steps to Reproduce

Play in Windows 11 on a 4k screen & try not to go blind from squinting

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