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Cannot walk over Hay Walls

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Hay walls at 0/0 HP will permanently behave as obstacles after reloading the server, or restarting it. This has been observed for both the host and non-host players.

After being broken down to 0/0 HP, Haywalls are expected to stop behaving as obstacles and allow player movement. They do, until the server is restarted or the player disconnects.

This was observed in a dedicated server but also in a server hosted locally (without the dedicated server utility).

The same exact issue was previously reported by other players as well as seen in these links:


I uploaded to youtube the video of the bug and the server log (my own execution) on my server:


Attached is my dxdiag and my overworld save / config root folder.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Place row of hay walls.

2. Break all hay walls with Ctrl + F down to 0 HP.

3. Disconnect from server (immediately or later).

4. Reconnect to server and attempt to walk over the broken hay walls.

User Feedback

Search and/or disable your client mods (or server mods) from steam workshop, this is a well known issue on the modding side and has nothing to do with Klei.

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15 hours ago, ScottHansen said:

@VriskWhisk Do you know which mods would cause this?

@ScottHansen It's often mods that add more icons to the map that causes issues with not just hay walls, but walls in general.
I haven't used any of these but I hear multiple issues regarding glitched walls from these lists of mods.

Extended Map Icons
Wall Map Icons
and the aforementioned Where's My Beefalo effirmaevei stated.

Sometimes these same mods also causes issue to have an inability to target Dragonfly even with force attack key and mouse clicking.

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Changed Status to Closed

Closed due to this most likely being caused by mods as the video shows a number active.

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