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cannot run same number of mods as yesterday

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After the update of April 7 I had an initial start up error that was resolved overnight, but now I am finding I get an "Out of Memory" error and it suggests I uninstall mods.

I have systematically disabled one at a time until I am trying to run less then yesterday (I was able to run 21 yesterday no issues) now I"m down to 19, but still getting the Out of Memory issue.

I'll continue to disable the mods one at a time until I can run the game, but I am wondering why this has changed?


Steps to Reproduce
Why can I not run the same number of mods as yesterday? No steps to reproduce, just a question.

User Feedback

It is possible that one of your mods was affected by recent updates (causing the memory issue) and hasn't been updated yet to accommodate the game changes.

If you do find out which of your mod is the culprit, please notify its author so they can update the mod.


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