Cannot enter server with mods

  • Known Issue

So i host a server with some mods enabled and i play with 3 friends, thing is two of them can enter the server without problem, but the other one gets an error message saying that the server is running outdated mods, and the server admin must update the mods to new players can join, but the mods ARE updated. We did look the mods page on this friend's pc and the server ones he has installed are kind of messed up; they appear as "workshop 1721317823" (with ramdom numbers in each of them), and shows that there's updates, but it don't update them, so we're guessing that the problem is on this frined's mods and not in the server ones.

Steps to Reproduce
Create a new world with mods > have one player with mods enabled > try to enter the server > gets the error message of outdated server mods.

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