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Had a unfortunate accident in day 581 and wanted to roll back 1 day, so did c_rollback(1) but didn't actually work cos day is still 581 and feels like the result was more like using 0 and not 1, meaning roll back to begging of the day 581 and not back to 580. c_rollback(2) works just fine getting us back to day 579.

Steps to Reproduce
Look at world time and days and do c_rollback(1) and notice that instead of rolling back one day it doesn't do anything.

User Feedback

Closed the server with c_shutdown() and started it again from bash (on linux) cos something clearly happened as Bearger didn't spawn at all for 2 seasons in a row and was able to roll back 1 day after another from 615 to 610 cos had a griefer and now refuses to roll any more days before 610... I tried c_rollback() with any number and doesn't roll anything.

All I get is morning of day 610.. so annoying...

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Ah. as I was browsing the tickets I opened and remembered about this and can be safely closed as issues where solved.

The Bearger issue was caused by a guy who was lazy to get out of the base and used a telelocator staff on him, and since he didn't play for a few days we didn't knew that and .. well.. we found him hibernating somewhere far away later on. :)

As for rolling back, I'm an idiot. I left the max_snapshots to default of 6, yeah, can't roll any more days if there isn't any saved and just used the 6 that where saved. The c_rollback() is working just fine now so the issue must have solved itself.

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