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c_despawn variable "input" is not declared

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The current function in consolecommands.lua looks like this:

-- Despawn a player, returning to character select screen
function c_despawn(player)
    if TheWorld ~= nil and TheWorld.ismastersim then
        --V2C: need to avoid targeting c_spawned player entities
        --player = ListingOrConsolePlayer(player)
        if type(player) == "string" or type(player) == "number" then
            player = UserToPlayer(input)
        if player == nil then
            player = c_sel() ~= nil and c_sel():HasTag("player") and c_sel() or nil
        if player == nil or player.components.playercontroller == nil then
            player = ThePlayer or AllPlayers[1]
        if player ~= nil and player:IsValid() then
            --Queue it because remote command may currently be overriding
            --ThePlayer, which will get stomped during delete
            player:DoTaskInTime(0, dodespawn)

-> when entering a string or number as player, it tries to do:
player = UserToPlayer(input)
while input is not defined.

Steps to Reproduce

see above and/or try c_despawn(1) within the game.

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User Feedback

A developer has marked this issue as fixed. This means that the issue has been addressed in the current development build and will likely be in the next update.

This has been fixed but did not make it in time for the next hotfix, it will be in the one after.
c_findnext also had the same issue and has been fixed
Changed Status to Fixed

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