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Burnt down during summer

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Having multiple instances in my server of things burning down when I haven't been near them, or things burning down even though working ice flingomatics were placed.

Pictured: flings were max fuel and left for a couple days, but the base burnt down despite the flings still working fine..

740433599_ScreenShot2021-04-03at12_53_56AM.thumb.png.7c2d0eff30c261bb0ba3d52673227180.pngMost recently my boat burned down after I had left it elsewhere for the summer. I hadn't visited it once.

I have no mods installed.

Steps to Reproduce

Play the game during summer, find things burned down later.

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User Feedback

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The best possible reason would be that a fire started as you were leaving your base for the summer. If a fire is going on while not loaded on your screen the flingos won't work on those.

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