Bugged attacks on Dragonfly

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I've found a new bug with dragonfly (or it may be old, idk) but when someone tries to attack Dragonfly first time it work perfectly, but when she resets to go spawn lavae's, and then come back to fight again, your character sometimes (or oftenly always) go under her and keeps running back and forward, could you Klei please fix this? This makes the game almost impossible to play for me or for other people.

Steps to Reproduce
Just attacking Dragonfly until she resets to spawn lavae's and when she comes back, the bug can occur by a character going under her and going back and forward until you are killed or when she is put to sleep by Wickerbottom or by using pan flutes, or by just another player to reset her again that hasn't got this bug

User Feedback

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16 hours ago, HamBatter said:

This has something to do with boss icons on mods like Where's My Beefalo or Gigantic Map.

I think Complete Your Map might also cause this. Friends with that mod ran into this bug while I(presumably the only one among us not subscribed to it)was able to hit it no problem.

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