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[BUG] Every time I join friend's server it disconnects me, this only happens on this one specific server and only to me

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Haven't ever had an issue like this happen before, trying to find any possible fix so we don't have to throw the world away.

  • It doesn't always happen immediately, the amount of time I was able to stay online fluctuated but was always eventually disconnected
  • We've had a multitude of people on the server, none of them have had any issues
  • I joined other servers my friend hosted with the same settings, and had no issues
  • Both clients restarting system and program have had no effect
  • Have tried turning off mods on both ends and have had no effect

Attached server log, my logon is (KU_95KShL9o) furrtwo


Steps to Reproduce

Be me

Have my exact system

Be logging onto my friend's one specific server

Get disconnected as soon as I join

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