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Black Screen when trying to Launch Don't Starve Together

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When I try to launch Don't Starve Together, I get the black pre-loading screen, where I'm stuck for 10+ minutes (At one point I managed to get stuck on the normal loading screen.)

I've tried many of the solutions here: http://support.kleientertainment.com/customer/portal/articles/1201532-game-is-crashing-game-won-t-start


And maybe a dozen other places. I've changed my NVIDIA settings to specify that DST will use the high performance card, I've turned off the Steam overlay/tried it in offline mode, I've verified the game cache, uninstalled and reinstalled the game, restarted my computer, manually re-ran the VCredist and DXSetup installers, removed any mods, and several other proposed solutions over the internet.

DST has worked for me within the last few days, and no changes have occurred on my end between now and then. The same set of mods are also able to be successfully run by a friend of mine.


I've attached my most recent client log and DxDiag.txt here. Any thoughts?

Steps to Reproduce
Select *Play* for DST through Steam Black screen then persists seemingly indefinitely

User Feedback

Looking at your attached log and DxDiag, sadly your system is still forcing your Intel HD Graphics 4000 (integrated) card when launching Don't Starve Together instead of your (dedicated)NVIDIA card. The Intel card drivers have not been updated since 2013, and does not have the dedicated RAM required to start the game.

Please see the link below for steps on how to force your NVIDIA card to run certain software. 

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