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black screen

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i dont speak english well,but an error occurred.like the picture shows,no images,no numbers only the sound.many players have the same problem.this only occurs when i am using my saves.24.png



Steps to Reproduce
i was trying to play my saves,and the problem just jumped out. i tried to reinstall my dxredist and vcredist and didnt work. i tried to reinstall the game,it worked for a few days,and now it occurs again. sometimes it works as usual,but most of the time it shows as the picture

User Feedback

First thing to do is to ensure that your graphics card's drivers have been updated to the latest version. (Intel HD Graphics 5000) - you can find the latest drivers from Intel's support site. 

The black screen means that you are not able to successfully get the map/world information to your hard drive. Please see the troubleshooting steps here to resolve the issue: http://support.kleientertainment.com/customer/en/portal/articles/2409757

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