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Black Screen Crashes

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Hey there!

I have been playing DST with my GF over lan. However in unpredictable, arbitrary, constantly changing intervals I experience crashes resulting in a black screen accompanied by a buzzing sound on the host machine. The specs of the PC are: Core i5-6400, AMD Radeon R9 380, 8 GB RAM, Windows 10 Pro. Originally we played with some mods, however we recently switched to vanilla yet yielding no effect on the crashes. I also tried the "verify integrity of game files" thingy, again without success.


Update: In the meantime we switched the host machine - so my GFs PC is hosting and I join her session. The crashes on my side continue though.

Steps to Reproduce
playing in multiplayer. Crashes occur after arbitrary time intervals.

User Feedback

We are not seeing any indications of a crash from the game itself. Is the buzzing sound emanating from the game or from your computer/hardware itself? If from the computer, it may be that your GPU or hardware is running into an issue or failing.

If so, you may want to try cleaning your GPU fans as accumulated dust may cause overheating. 

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