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BETA premier gardener hat doesnt show real nutrients

  • Can't Reproduce

if a farm has nutrients and nobody takes care of it, weeds will consume the nutrients but when you equip the premier gardener hat it shows the old values of nutrients instead of the actual

i take these screen shots after cleaning all the weeds and detritus from a farm that shown all tiles with nutrients, after i applied the fertilizer it shows refresh the nutrients status

the tile before i applied 1 rot


the tile after i apply 1 rot


Steps to Reproduce

Let a farm with nutrients fill with weeds, wait days (maybe it need to be offscreen) and equip premium gardener hat, see that the farm still having nutrients and apply fertilizer to see the real state

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User Feedback

.... ....

I was thinking that the problem might appear when i go to caves. That screenshots was made after being in the caves in summer and autumn. When i come back to the surface when winter was close i started farming again. It happend to me more than one time and i think was always after being in the caves.

Anyways thanks for you tine and work

11 hours ago, zarklord_klei said:

Changed Status to Can't Reproduce


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