Belongings skin arrows don't work with keyboard crafting menu

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The Belongings Skin can'´t be shifted when the crafting menu is opened with the keyboard key (tab by default), the hover action doesn´t trigger and the arrow doesn´t light up, if you click or arrow left/right wont do anything, this bug is doesnt replicates if you just pick the craft item with the mouse in the left side of the screen, if your just navigate through the items with the mouse, the whole belonging skins shift works perfectly fine, personally I never use the mouse to navigate through the crafting menu, so the be able to change skins through the keyboard would be a nice experience, Thanks!  


Steps to Reproduce
  • Press Tab (or your key binded to craft menu)
  • Navigate to the item to craft in which you own a belonging skin
  • With the mouse hover/press the arrow to switch the belonging skin (idk if there is any key to try to switch it, but i pressed everything and nothing worked)

User Feedback


The Tab menu you see was intended for people with Controllers as they have button to switch the skin on that.

Either it gets fixed or it's intended feature.

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