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Beefalo can be killed by feeding red mushrooms

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When you feed a beefalo enough red caps, it causes them to die and drop their loot, while in their chewing food animation.


It looks wierd but being able to kill a beefalo without having to actually fight it is kinda useful.


Was this intended?

Steps to Reproduce
Feed beefalo red caps, enjoy watching him die from poisoning.
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User Feedback

Considering that red cap consumption damages your character, it was probably intended that it damages other things (Such as beefalo) as well. 

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Well if it is intended, theres a bug with the animation, because the beefalo dies in the chewing animation, instead of the dying animation.  So the beefalo chews out of existence.

On 2/11/2016 at 5:30 AM, Hugeisno1 said:

How many caps?

About 21 or 22, I forget exactly.  Each one deals about 80 damage to the beefalo.

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