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Bad password?

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So recently ive been playing dst with my friends and usually im the host because i have the most consistent connection out of our group of friends.They didnt have a problem connecting to my server but recently we have been encountering a problem.The server still appears on the server list for them but they arent able to connect to my server due to bad password.Even if i set the password to a single letter or none at all the bad password prompt still appears for them.They are unable to join my server and they are forced to become the host instead because i am able to join their server without any problem.However,this become a problem because they have inconsistent internet connection and really affects the game experience for the players besides the host.We find ourselves dying too often because of lag freezing us in place or rubber banding back into the enemies we were trying to run from.I tried reinstalling the game or viewing the integrity of the game files but those havent worked.I hope this problem will be fixed soon

Steps to Reproduce
Play the game as a host.

User Feedback

@FFai welcome to the forums. Were you certain of the passwords' capitalization? All caps? Small caps?

On another note, if you don't want random players on your servers, you could also just simply set the server to Friends Only. So only friends can join the server. I personally haven't used this, but I believe that caters to what you really need. Use that for now, is what I suggest.


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I was aware of the fact that setting the password to nothing would allow random players to join the server so we already set the server to friends only.Setting the server to friends only also allows us to find our friends server much easier.But they still couldnt join my server due to bad password.We also made sure that the password had the correct capitalization so i dont think thats the problem.Thanks for the suggestion though.

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@FFai I'm confused. I was specifically suggesting, Friends Only With No Password. I'm pretty sure Friends Only will not allow any random players to join unless they were already on your friends list. Was that what you tried?


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