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Ancient pseudo-science station doesn't drop chess trinkets

Sicko Hog
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I've hammered the ancient pseudo-science station at least 200 times and repaired it with thulecite to get trinkets in my world. I've got all 25 normal trinkets multiple times, but never chess trinkets. I have the sketches unlocked by bringing all 3 different suspicious marbles to the statues and breaking them on a new/full moon (tumbleweeds are dropping chess trinkets, so I'm sure they're unlocked). Either I'm incredibly unlucky, or something's wrong. I believe the issue is related to the fact you only unlock the trinkets on the surface, as I've tried to spawn an ancient pseudo-science station on the surface in a test world and when I hammered it I did get chess trinkets plenty of times.

Steps to Reproduce
I don't know how to really reproduce it since it's entirely based on luck.

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