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Alright, So My Game Keeps Crashing.

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Accedentally posted this in the wrong tracker so I just Pasted it here, so sorry if this is considered spam. So ever since Warly was added to DST, my game has been crashing every time I try to host a server. I mean, I can create the server, but if I try to join, the whole game just pulls a Houdini and disappears some time during loading. Btw, just a note for context, I do use a lot of mods on my servers, but the ones that I would expect to be causing issues appear to be squeaky clean and are guaranteed by the creators to be either fixed or just fine. Crash logs will be in the "Drag Files" section, thanks for the support,  -Abra

Le8YnkB3 (2).txt

Steps to Reproduce
Very simple actually, I start up the game, host a server, customize the world and add whichever mods that I would want. And finally I join my server. about 20 seconds later, *POP*, game crashes. Please update me on any info. Thank you!

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