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Allied Spiders don't engage Bee Queen

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This is in the new Reign beta

I was playing as Webber and I wanted to try the bee queen with spider strats.  Get all set up and go to fight queen with my spiders and they won't engage.  Thought I did something wrong tried again, still wouldn't engage.  Tried feeding a BUNCH of spiders, nothing,  Tried feeding spiders once queen spawned still nothing.  Tried wearing the Spider Queen hat, NOTHING.  Even when spiders are allied to me and the queen hits me they still wont engage the queen.  I don't know if this is a feature or what but sounds like a bug since Webber cant use his allies on the bee queen.

Steps to Reproduce
1. Opt into New Reign Beta 2. Pick Webber 3. Gain spider allies any way you can 4. Begin Bee Queen battle 5. Attack or be attacked by bee queen or grumble bees and watch your spider buddies do nothing.

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