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Abusing glitch to walk on ocean

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The ocean or the abyss ( caves ) is a place that you can not walk on, and items dropped there will be lost permanently.

There's been a exploit around for a long time, which allows the player to push themselves into the ocean, and walk on it. There's a demonstration video in this link, showing how it's done. While some might not find it a big deal, but consider dropping a celestial orb, eyebone or ancient key in the corner of the map, which is troublesome especially for new players.

I'm not sure if the Klei developers are aware of this bug, but it exists at least for ~ 9 months ( that's how old the video is ). There's another method of doing this, using gates and sculptures, this method also exists on this forum.


PS: I've removed and reposted this topic, since I posted it in the wrong category the first time. sorry.

Steps to Reproduce
The video showing exactly how to reproduce the bug is included in the topic. Jump to 5:40 to see the bug.

User Feedback

Yeah it's been there for a long time. I personally don't abuse this bug, but having items dropped in ocean can be very very heartbreaking.

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