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Abigail killing players when PvP is off.

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I was in a vanilla server (no mods), and PvP was turned off. I was Wendy, and I was basing with a Wilson. We were out killing spiders, and I hear Wilson's death sound, and a death pop-up reading "________ was killed by Abigail! He became a spooky ghost!" I forgot the Wilson's name. As soon as the message popped up, everyone on the server got confused in the chat.

Why did this happen? I made sure that the serverĀ I joined had PvP off.

Note: I did not see what Wilson was doing before he was killed, because we were in a forest, and he was obstructed by trees.

Also, I just spawned Abigail a little under a minute before she killed Wilson, if that information is useful.

Steps to Reproduce
Wilson was obscured on my screen, so I'm not sure how he got Abigail to agro. onto him, sadly.
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User Feedback

abigail only attacks other players if they force attack on her the wilson in question most likely attacked her instead of the spiders which is why he died to her

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