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Abigail attacks friendly spiders and spider transportation

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There is a bug that makes Abigail automatically attack spider followers that come close to her causing them to fight it out. This basically makes Wendy and Webber enemies no matter what, I end up having to make all my spiders go away to not kill my friends Abigail or vice versa.

On a separate note not much of a bug but I feel like it’s an issue. It is impossible to put a follower spider in your inventory for transportation, I feel like after you make a spider a follower you should be able to pick it up at any time since it is basically tamed.

Steps to Reproduce

Webber with spiders and Wendy with Abigail, just walk by with spiders

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User Feedback

I was about to report the Abigail issue myself! Ty so much!

Also completely agree with putting them in the inventory since they are tamed

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