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[A New Reign Beta] Graphical Issues and Other Stuff

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I burned some trees and went to my base (they were burning off-screen obviously). When I came to the burnt area, some trees' appearance were normal as seen in the image below. The "normal" trees dropped charcoal on chopping.


Some of the tentacles were attacking continuously for no reason. There was not a single mob near the tentacles. 

When I used Applied Horticulture on 60 saplings, only 20ish of them grew into their next stage. Is this intended or a bug?

PC specs:





Steps to Reproduce
-Burning some trees in the summer. -Using Applied Horticulture as Wickerbottom -Don't know what made the tentacles go crazy. Maybe they were fighting off-screen?

User Feedback

This "burnt" issue is also present in the "not-beta". I had this issue with burning base. Some chests appeared undamaged, but in fact were burnt.

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