[A New Reign Beta] Can't chop a burned tree

  • Can't Reproduce

Summer - there were some forest fires. And this burned tree can't be cut down... Whatever I do there is only examination quote instead of normal action. Other burned trees can be chopped normally.


Steps to Reproduce
Ignite many trees and try to cut them.

User Feedback

Oh, I had this just the other night. What I did was set a thick field of 80-some trees on fire, and then rush to get them far enough off screen to make them unload, hoping that when I came back a minute or so later they'd all be burned down, but the extra coal that sometimes falls off of them would drop without smoldering and catching fire like it usually does when you burn lots of densely packed trees down. Incidentally, for those trees, all of the extra coal that would normally sometimes drop was ashes, both just falling out of the burnt tree and when chopping them. Is that intentional?

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