3 Game Bugs + 1 (not sure if its bug)

Clifford W.
  • Pending

1. Rollback and World Regenerate vote doesnt do anything after succefull or fail vote not even message appears

2. People can attack maxwell's puppets in PvE

3.People can use meat effigy (Do loose 40 hp) when it was build by someone when people use it they cant resurrect

4 ( not sure if its bug).People can disguise as bush to hide from terrorbreak and crawling horror with bush hat

Note: that was kinda bushy situation because i was at 1 hp


"When i heard about Klei Then I always wanted to Play"


Steps to Reproduce
I was trying to regen klei world vote had 6 votes and the vote window disappeared without any failed or succefull message, i was trying to test if i can kill maxwell puppet with holding ctrl, saw people using my builded effigy, disguised as bush and profit

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