Wurt dead animation problem with Giants

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Hello, i've been playing with Wurt lately in a dedicated server and I've had the following situation happening: I aggro a giant and run away, but even though I get to escape the dead animation triggers, with my stats full, I get no ghost and the game freezes. When i log off and back on, I'm not dead but, if the Giant aggros again near me, the animation appears again. 

Help please, I can't fight anything, not even lure Bearger to some trees.

Steps to Reproduce
Wurt fighting Giant in dedicated server, aggro sleeping Bearger and running away, watching bearger fight another mob, kiting Clops.

User Feedback

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Please disable all mods, close DST and then validate your game files via Steam.
Once this is done, please try again, without any client or server mods, in a new world (or join an official Klei server) and see if the issue is resolved.

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