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With controller, after drying off a floating "1" shows for moisture

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Normally with a controller, numbers show on badges when you open the inventory (right trigger). However, in scripts/widgets/statusdisplays:ShowStatusNumbers(), it doesn't check if the moisture badge is visible when setting the number to show. This is fine when first loading in if you're dry, but the moisture badge never clears the number text after it has been set, so if you get wet and dry off, it leaves a "1" in the text. Opening the controller inventory again shows this floating "1" even though the rest of the badge is hidden.

This should be an easy fix-- the moisture badge already tracks whether it's active or not in self.active, so you can just check that in statusdisplays:ShowStatusNumbers.

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Start a game using a controller.
  2. Get yourself wet -- with a waterballoon or console command ThePlayer.components.moisture:DoDelta(1)
  3. (optional: open controller inventory to see the number show up)
  4. Dry off (speed up with a campfire, but it only takes a few seconds), and wait for the moisture badge to disappear
  5. Open controller inventory again; you should see a floating 1 (see screenshot)MoistureFloatingOne.thumb.PNG.1296cc4c18cf692ef48ff6eccdbaf5e9.PNG

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