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Wilson/Wurt Have Differing Lines on Moon_Fissue_Plugged

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Wilson and Wurt has two different quotes for the plugged moon fissure.

This differs from all the other characters where they have the same quote for the two instances of MOON_FISSURE_PLUGGED.

Not sure which examination line you wanted to be used, so I just reported it :p

In wilson_speech.lua:

MOON_FISSURE_PLUGGED = "It's not very scientific... but pretty effective.",  --line 3256
MOON_FISSURE_PLUGGED = "That doesn't look sound.",                              --line 3409; the line that's said & prompted the investigation

In wurt_speech.lua:

MOON_FISSURE_PLUGGED = "Shells not look very comforable like that.",     -- line 3244; the word comfortable is also missing the letter "t"
MOON_FISSURE_PLUGGED = "Bad moon things can't get out, florp!",            -- line 3397; the line that's said

In wickerbottom_speech.lua, where it's consistent, as an example:

MOON_FISSURE_PLUGGED = "Goodness, that must have required some tenacity!", --line 3244
MOON_FISSURE_PLUGGED = "Goodness, that must have required some tenacity!", --line 3397


Steps to Reproduce

Examine the plugged moon fissures on hermit island as Wilson or Wurt. Look at the examine lines their speech files. See that they have two different quotes for the same thing, with the second one being used. Not sure which examine line is intentional.

User Feedback

A developer has marked this issue as fixed. This means that the issue has been addressed in the current development build and will likely be in the next update.

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