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Tidy-Hidey hole is never clean enough

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The Dust moth mob will go clean it's home after feeding it ambrosia and Keep cleaning it's home after it is destroyed 1269071298_Screenshot(1043).thumb.png.38a9d8426882887c557f2c4c6b986495.png1620827591_Screenshot(1044).thumb.png.60ab60e1c0349657319bf5cbca11b35c.png1987847766_Screenshot(1045).thumb.png.d8bd661ab1fd8d36efa1a2d0ffb35499.png

Steps to Reproduce

Feed ambrosia to the Dust Moth and let it move the tidy-hidey hole, let it get there and destroy it's home, it will try to sweep it's home indefinitely. 

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User Feedback

I had just learnt very recently they clean their home 6 mins

but they were still cleaning it after it had been destroyed, so, still a bug?

I edited this to be more accurate now. Feeling stinky, for not knowing it takes 6 mins for them do their job.

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