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[Somewhat Resolved] Stone Fruits Applied Horticulture, Still Bugged

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  • Fixed replanted/fertilized rock fruit bushes not growing or being affected by Applied Horticulture"

This is still bugged. I spammed Applied Horticulture and also used commands like "Ripen" from Too Many Items and they simply won't budge. Fortunately, though, it does grow naturally within three days. And yes, they were fertilized.

...Unless you DON'T want Applied Horticulture to be used..?


EDIT: This had to do with a server mod and a client mod. The mods don't recognize the plant as something that should be properly grown. 

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See Issue Description.
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Are you on version 336171? Cause this works perfectly fine for me. Opt in and out of the beta if you're not so that the files are properly updated.


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Ok, so I've done some troubleshooting. It turns out that one of the server mods I was using was completely interfering with how the book was meant to be properly used. After disabling that particular mod, the book worked as normal. However, that still doesn't change how Too Many Items doesn't recognize the plant as something the "Ripen" command should work on. 

This is the mod I'm referring to: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1229051670

I'll have to report this to them. 

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