Some more bosses that don't respawn

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In addition to Dfly no longer respawning in my world, the following bosses are no longer respawning:

  • Bearger
  • Toadstool (killed in a copy of the world)
  • Ancient Fuelweaver and by extension, Ancient Guardian (the portal is still in its respawning phase animation thing)
  • Lord of the Fruitflies (I think, I tried forcing its spawn via lots of rotting crops by reading Horti twice in a row, it wasn't spawning for me)

Antlion, BQ, & Klaus seem to be working

Steps to Reproduce

Kill the boss and it doesn't respawn. It's probably an issue related to my world since I loaded it up in the very first beta like in the previous bug report and have been in the majority of beta updates since.

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User Feedback

A developer has marked this issue as fixed. This means that the issue has been addressed in the current development build and will likely be in the next update.
.... ....

Bearger doesn't spawn on new worlds at all. "TheWorld.components.beargerspawner:GetDebugString()" says "DORMANT <no time> active 0".

Deerclops spawn for the first winter, howerver, it doesn't in the second winter. "TheWorld.components.deerclopsspawner:GetDebugString()" says "WAITING Deerclops is coming for nil in 437.97 active: <nil> stored: <nil>", fun thing is that the time (437.97) doesn't countdown in my world.

One more thing, I tried using "LongUpdate", this will reduce the time even when the Timer is paused. 

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