Some buildings can be still builded on the edge of the boat

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5d0a392b1f483_DST8.png.6d4983f7301c3910babfd744e911afb5.png5d0a393c9e802_DST11.png.88de601f9cb3654a30f37c6ef36627a0.pngDST10.png.986cb8afef8068a74784073f14e974bd.pngDST12.thumb.png.444c3c6a22f8937728ee4500b50efd30.pngI build this masts and then when I move....DST14.thumb.png.f700b5590275536163556f87bc21b21c.png:D

5d0a393530d23_DST9.thumb.png.3d3281cd0d2553b46beef51fe7a0e707.pnggrass on boat?





Steps to Reproduce
you can build some building on the edge of the boat and when you move the things are stuck

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