Seedshell damage changed (probably unintentionally?)

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When the beta came out the seedshells trown by the player used to do around 60 dmg, which seemed like a fair number considering that setting up a farm for them is rather tough. But now it seems to have been lowered to around 20, and I can't find any changelog specifing that this is intended so am hopeing its a bug (perhaps caused by the change of how the sea weeds will no longer cause leaks when the proyectile lands on the borders of the boat?)

Having them doing even less damage than a spear seems wrong. They do area damage so perhaps they should go back to dealing 60 dmg exactly where they land on and have the borders of their area be where it deals 20 dmg?

Steps to Reproduce

1. Bonk a spider's Head with a seedshell.

2. Witness how it takes more than 2 seedshells to kill it.

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