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[Return of Them] Tool/Animation bugs due to "exceeding symbol count"

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When wearing specific set of skins, backpack and tools graphical bug followed by this code happens.

[00:02:06]: [AnimState] Error serializing symbol override count for entity wortox[114099] - 64 symbols; exceeds maximum size of 63

It shows the last equipped tool instead of the one equipped after wearing backpack.
It can also make you look like you are cutting down a tree with a TORCH (If you had it before the bug appeared).
At the moment Grimy Goblin Hoofsies and/or other Wortox's custom tails are causing bugs with some outfits.

For example:
Stagerose Wardrobe with/or any kind of gloves and boots BUT with [Grimy Goblin Hoofies] Causes graphical bugs for player that used this combination. They are unable to see correct tool he uses and his backpack appears to be missing. This bug happens when backpack is equiped while other players are on the server. Stagerose Wardrobe is one of the few sets that cover pants, allowing Wortox to have custom tail and outfit at once. However this bug does not present in NON beta version of the game.

Sooty Sweep's Rags is similar outfit to the one mentioned above. But unlike the other, it does not replace gloves, nor shoes, only bottom and so graphical bag ignores this one for reasons unknown to me.

When using Gardenrose Attire sadly, this bug will strike you once again once you equip all 3 slots (hat, tool, armor).
It doesn't appear when you wear 2 out of 3. Frayed Finery doesn't seem to have this bug at all. Even with Grimy Goblin Hoofies.

I tested this with Wortox with and without mods.


This problem can also happen to other character when you are wearing "heavy" combinations of outfits, that overlay eachother. That also includes all kinds of helmets and armors. And sometimes doesn't even happen. My assumption that Symbol limit is also shared between players.

Possible fix at the moment:
Since every piece of gear/outfit considered a symbol. if you have graphical problem, the fix could be removing additional Outfit parts like, Gloves, pants or shoes. Or, again, instead of using stylized full dress, use outfit with less amount of detailed parts.
If you dont mind testing with mods, make small world with only day cycle and install mod "too many items" (fixed ver) and experiment with your outfits, that way you can get current "possible" set for Beta.


Separate message (request) to devs.
Can we get Tail slot for Wortox? That Goblin tail is too good to miss out :(

Steps to Reproduce
1. equip The Survivor Wortox + Stagerose Wardrobe + Grimy Goblin Hoofies + Obsidian's Gloves + Low Heels will cause this bug to happen. 2. Craft/Equip Backpack, hat and a tool in existing world with 2 players
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A developer has marked this issue as fixed. This means that the issue has been addressed in the current development build and will likely be in the next update.

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