[QoL Beta] Character sliding through world after long press

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Not sure if this has been reported yet, I couldn't find it here on the bug forum.

New world running on beta (453468), had this issue occur to other players before it happened to me.

When trying to long press to do an action (mine a boulder or cut down a tree), the character would slide across the map to some random location to try and perform some random (?) action on the new spot.

When this happened to me I managed to record a clip - you can see on the video I used the space bar to chop the birchnut tree, then missed it with the mouse click and when I then long pressed on the tree the character slid all the way to camp to try and do something at the crockpot.

I didn't try it but other players went back to the tree (or boulder or whatever object caused it) and the exact same thing happened, 2 or 3 times until they managed to cut/mine the tree/boulder.

I've attached my client log. This happened to me about 2 hours into the game but the log doesn't seem to record anything useful related to the glitch.

Steps to Reproduce

Cut a series of trees or mine a series of boulders using long press action and eventually this glitch might occur.

User Feedback

A developer has marked this issue as fixed. This means that the issue has been addressed in the current development build and will likely be in the next update.

I am unable to reproduce this, and my guess is it's a mod that is causing this, could you disable all mods(client and server) and try and reproduce this again?

Changed Status to Can't Reproduce

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Hi @zarklord_klei thanks for the quick response.

I've managed to reproduce this issue on a completely new world with no mods active - happened straight on day 2.

See clip attached (and also server and client logs). As per the previous log, neither client nor server log seem to record anything regarding this...

As you can see on the clip, I set fire to a couple of birchnut trees, collected a few resources and then when I went to chop the level 3 birchnut it instead equipped the torch again and glided my character to the last tree I had set fire to...

To help with possible reproduction - all I did since starting the world was go around and collect resources, mine boulders and chop trees, trying as much as possible to use the long press action instead of the space bar. I've attached the cluster as a zip file in case it is helpful

client_log.txt server_log.txt Cluster_1.zip

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.... ....

Wow, I'm experiencing the exact same problem —— character stuck, moving towards your last input, and clicking world entity ends up clicking on empty ground (0:06 in your video). All along I thought I was just my laggy computer, haha.

7 hours ago, zarklord_klei said:

Changed Status to Can't Reproduce

Here's my thought on how to reproduce, hope it would help a little.

I always play on client sever (no caves), and I don't use mod at all. I noticed that everytime this "bug" occur, they are under some similar situations:

1. An inventory that's almost filled to brim. (That's when you have a backpack and probably have to carry stuff on your mouse, too.)

2. Game was running for around an hour or two before this happens. (For the record, quitting to main menu and restart sever wouldn't fix the lag, but quitting the game entirely would give you an hour of fluent gameplay the next time you play.)

3. Hovering the mouse on your inventory slots would make the lag wayyy more obvious.

However, this bug isn't new or caused by March Qol. It might date back to RWYS or Hallowed Nights updates, as I had a few days of vacation and could play for many hours in a row so that I had chance to meet with this kind of weird lag.

Although it happens to me everytime, I know the lag is super difficult to reproduce because it involves large time period and constantly picking and removing items in your inventory. So I tried to find information first before posting on the forums...

Well, hat's all the information I can give for now. And to my guess, the lag might be a memory leak issue cause by player inventory.

Thank you for reading

Edited by PuffinBy
Oops, didn't read though, it's fixed.

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4 hours ago, RuiPalhas said:

the torch again and glided my character to the last tree I had set fire to...

"Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeoh noooooooooooooo"

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