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Permanent Moose Form?

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Was playing some DST today (vanilla world). I noticed a Woodie was in his transformed weremoose form. I followed them around for about 10 minutes and they didn't transform back into Woodie. I recorded them for about 3 minutes during which very little fighting takes place. Woodie can remain a weremoose for about 4 min as long as he's fighting (charging without attacking something isn't considered fighting - I note this because the Moose charges a lot but only actually attacks things a few times). Even in this 3 min video Woodie should have transformed back. Sorry it's not much help, but wanted to make a record of it at least.


Edit: If the video get's taken down (streamable only keeps them up for so long) let me know if you want to see it and I'll reupload it.

Steps to Reproduce

No idea.. I asked them, but they wouldn't share their secrets; tho they admitted it was possible... :wilson_angelic:

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