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No Fountain Of Knowledge spawned at all.

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I started a new world on Monday (game was up to date at this point) and played until day 152 before I noticed, that my cozy little archive hasn't spawned any fountains...

I revealed the whole map to see, if there are any island fragments of the archive, but unfortunatly, the size pictured in the screenshot is all I've got.

Additionally, I've attached the cave log from my dedicated server.

Mods that I'm currently using and where activated during the world generation are:

Status Announcements, Admin Scoreboard+, Item Info, Craft Pot, Gesture Wheel, Geometric Placement and Combined Status

Are there any ways to spawn the three fountain versions in?

Edit: changed the server_log.txt to the one that was created while generating the caves, the world generation for the current caves starts at "[00:14:16]: Received world reset request"




Cave Screenshot.jpg




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