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Mushtrees stumps keep spawning spores

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The onspawnfn at line 36 in mushtree.lua doesn't check for the stump tag, meaning that whenever the periodicspawner component at line 489 is called for a mushtree stump, it plays the normal spawner animation and then pushes the grown tree idle. 

This leaves stumps that look like normal mushtrees but can only be dug.

Steps to Reproduce
Chop down a mushtree and wait for the stumps to start producing spores in its season

User Feedback

As a side note, if it’s possible to add a "blooming" tag to the blooming variants of mushtrees that would be greatly appreciated!


I’m working on an update to a mod that adds unique drops to mushtrees which change based on their state. I’ve run into some inconsistencies when checking for summer and then autumn with watchworldstate, so a tag check would be the best and least invasive method to update the loot tables :D



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