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"It's... a Thing" examine lines for a few things.

  • Pending

A few of the new things added only have "It's a ... thing" when you examine them. This extends to:

  • The Hermit Crab
  • Shell Beach Turf
  • The Inactive Celestial Tribute (both when on the ground and inside a moon fissure).
  • The Crab King & Malbatross Scultpures
  • The Bundle of Thanks

I don't know what else.

Steps to Reproduce

Examine the mentioned items. See it says "Its a ...thing."

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User Feedback

 Hi lakhnish!!! This is not a bug. The speak string "It's a ... thing" is a general speak to things that until have your own words. (sorry for the bad english, but a guess you understood). It is normal for a beta version, soon klei will implement these phrases, so aways.

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