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Infinite Loop while creating new world

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This started happening just after this last update(452902). Whenever I try to create a dedicated world, only the caves are created: the forest gets stuck in an infinite loop trying to create the world. I even tried removing all of the overrides to create a default world, but the problem persists. image.thumb.png.1647a7b7b2b76e9edf6bd3543627d627.png

It basically get stuck doing this forever and ever, and never finishes.

Steps to Reproduce

Try to create a new dedicated world.

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User Feedback


I *think* I found the problem: it seems that if I have

        extrastartingitems = "0",             -- "0", "5", "default", "15", "20", "none"

in either worldgenoverride(caves one or forest one) it bugs. If I put it without the quotes, like

        extrastartingitems = 0,             -- "0", "5", "default", "15", "20", "none"

it works normally. I thought I needed the quotes, since it appears on the comment. Maybe change the comment so it's clear that it needs to be an int and not a string?

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