Ice Flingomatic Crashing the Game

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Ok, so I'm playing return of them beta and using some mods (better ice flingomatic,), but whenever I try to create or spawn an ice flingomatic it crashes the game. I`ve noticed that it only happens when it's ativated, which most of the time happens when you place it, because there are already objescts that activate it (grass, farm, etc...) but it does not display the message saying the error was caused by mods, it just freezes the game which causes it to close itself.


Steps to Reproduce
Whenever the IceFlingomatic is activated (starts to throw snow on things, this happens)

User Feedback


Try to do the same thing in a new world without any mods enabled. If you still crash from doing the same thing, provide a client log and/or server log file. 

It's most likely because of mods, cause I don't face this issue in the RoT beta.

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.... ....

Please disable all mods, validate your game files via steam (close DST first), and try again. If the crash does not happen then let the mod creator know. If the crash still happens then please post your game logs here.
Since you said you were using a flingomatic mod, I'm going to close this issue for now and will reopen it if you still get the issue without mods.

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