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Hermit house quotes reversed

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They quotes of Webber and Wendy about the Hermit Home feel reversed between initial and updated hermit house


Quotes for un-upgrade hermit house (talk about the fact the house looks bad, except webber and wendy):

wilson = It's just an empty shell of a house.
willow = What a dump.
wolfgang = This no place for someone's babushka.
wendy = Perhaps broken things can be fixed... over time...
wx78 = HA. IT IS SAD
wickerbottom = Tsk. Look at the state of it...
woodie = This place has seen better days.
maxwell = What a sad little hovel.
wigfrid = The sea witch seems tö be pleased with it.
webber = We hope this makes her feel happier!
winona = That can't be up to code.
warly = That poor old woman... living here all on her own...
wortox = What a sad little house for that cranky old louse.
wormwood = Sad shell...
wurt = Is very nice home.
walter = This house could use some fixing up.


Quotes for upgraded hermit house (talk about the fact the house looks better now, except webber and wendy):

wilson = It just needed a little love.
willow = I never needed a home, but some people do I guess.
wolfgang = Make good home for old shell lady.
wendy = It's hardly worth saving.
wickerbottom = Improving your living space can do wonders for one's mood.
woodie = It looks like a real home now.
maxwell = It's an improvement.
wigfrid = The öld cröne resides here?
webber = She must be sad living here all alone...
winona = Just needed a bit of elbow grease.
warly = I hope she's a bit more comfortable in there now.
wortox = A little care can cause remarkable transformations.
wormwood = Happy now
wurt = Crabby lady's house got taller!
walter = A Pinetree Pioneer is always happy to help the elderly!


Steps to Reproduce

Examined hermit house

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