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Bug with spiders on Moon Island

Red Carnage
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Hey Klei! recently while I was playing, I discovered new issue/bug. Whats Hapened?

I was fighting spiders on moon biome, then started to mine their home and then 4 more spiders came out.

So I had to retreat and I run to my boat. Those spiders won't give up on me and was stuck at the edge, because they wanted to attack me or chester :)

So I was thinking is it possible me to stay on boat where is safe and attack spiders.

Unfortunately you can't attack from boat, you have to jump on land to hit them. So I jumped to land Hit one spider and jumped back to boat to take no damage.

It worked till I mess up and one of the spiders hit me, after they hit me while I was on jumping animation I lost control of my character and my character was shaking realy fast like Flash from TV Series :D So after taking relog I was able to move on my boat, but as soon I jumped off my boat same thing hapened again. No control of character and he was shaking. Even my ghost turned invisible at the end. So I think this issue happens when something hits you while you are on jumping animation or when you are trying to jump off from boat when something stands front of you. Hopefuly you did understand what I meaned and can fix this issue! :) If its because of hiting me while I was on jumping animation, Im sure this issue can be fix'd by giving players split second Invulnerability while they are on jumping animation.


Steps to Reproduce
I was fighting spiders, by jumping off from boat, hit one and jump back to boat. So im not sure it hapened because they was staying front of me and blocking me or hapened when they was atatcking me while im on jumping animation.
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A developer has marked this issue as fixed. This means that the issue has been addressed in the current development build and will likely be in the next update.

After watching AllFunNGamez live stream, now I know for 100% what caused this bug! If you get hit by anything while you are on jumping animation triggers it! :) 

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