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Boat Leak Doesn't Save

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For some reason the boat leak for the cookie cutter isn't saving, when reloading the game.
It works fine with collision.
Both times I repaired the leak using a boat repair kit.

Steps to Reproduce

Spawn a boat, crash boat to create a leak repair it. It should save this leak.
Repeat process with cookie cutter, repair the leak from the cookie cutter. It doesn't seem to load the leak.

User Feedback

11 hours ago, IronHunter said:

Can confirm, I just reported the same thing in the return of them sub forum.
For some reason its not saving the boat leak data when a cookie cutter causes it, but works for collision. The comment in the boatleak component led me to looking at the hullhealth component I noticed it doesn't save dynamic leaks and that regular leaks seemed to get saved. It seems that all non collision boat leaks are put into the leak_indicators_dynamic table which doesn't get saved, as boat leaks don't persist normally I guess the boatleak component save data is lost? What is self.isdynamic suppose to even accomplish in the boatleak component?
I did a test with a mod to extend the boatleak component setstate function and just checked

		if self.isdynamic then
			self.inst.persists = true

Seemed to fix the issue, not sure if this was what klei intended.
I just don't understand why they're 2 types of boat leaks in the first place.

Comment I wrote to give more insight on similar thread, from a fellow Don't Starve friend


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