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Bait dropping out of bird trap

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When I was attempting to place bait into a trap on a boat it kept falling out.

Steps to Reproduce
I was willow, and I was hosting a server with one player maximum, so alone. I made a sea base. Two boats, both with anchors were touching. On one was a birdcage, which was slightly overlapping onto the other boat but was on the first, an advanced farm, a crock pot, and a think tank. On the second I did not have anything but the bird trap. I found a full inventory was required. It is not reproducing now, even on the same world, once I left the world and rejoined. I had recently passed the first full moon. I know I had two types of seeds, normal and corn, but I forgot which one(s) were broken. I had the trap about in the middle of the platform. I did not get here legitimately, if that helps. This is about as much information that I can recall, and it may be too much but there is no harm in giving too much information.
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