Armor, tools, weapons not displaying correctly

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Display issues with tools, weapons and armor. Issue is cosmetic, all item functionality was normal. Items always displayed correctly in inventory. Issues observed:

- Wooden armor would not display while equipped.
- Wooden armor would still appear equipped while backpack was equipped.
- Battle helm would occasionally not display, either showing character's head normally or making invisible the part of her head that should have the helm on (see attached screenshot).
- Incorrect pickaxe would show, as in regular pickaxe in place of golden pickaxe (see attached screenshot).
- Pickaxe and spear would occasionally not display while being used, invisible items.
- Pickaxe or spear object would display instead of axe or shovel when these were used.E.g. while chopping tree with axe, it shows a pickaxe on screen in character's hands. See attached screenshot.


First screenshot: Battle helm equipped, no helm displayed. Axe equipped and in use, but displays as a pickaxe.

Second screenshot: Golden pickaxe equipped, regular pickaxe displayed. Battle helm equipped, helm is invisible and takes off part of Wicker's head.WrongPickInvisibleHelm.thumb.jpg.75cfe66bacc2c14eff0d75810dc02e64.jpg



No other players on the server had the issue themselves, but they could see the problems on my character (e.g. saw me chopping a tree and digging up the stump with the pickaxe being shown)

Steps to Reproduce
Have not been able to replicate issue. First started with my Wickerbottom character equipping a default skin battle helm provided by a Wigfrid.

Status: Fixed

This issue has been fixed in either a future version or updated in a previous version.

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A developer has marked this issue as fixed. This means that the issue has been addressed in the current development build and will likely be in the next update.

Posted (edited)

I also had this issue while playing Wickerbottom (I was using her Gladiator skin at the time, in case that helps narrow it down). I noticed it happening shortly after entering or exiting a cave. Equipping a lantern (in my case, a Winter's Feast skin lantern) caused it to not show in her hand, but it was clearly equipped as there was the appropriate illumination around me. In the screenshot below, you can see I have a football helmet (also using a Forge item skin) and backpack (catcoon skin) that are invisible too. It also refused to show my Gardenrose Attire on occasion after zoning between the main shard and the caves, showing the default Gladiator Wickerbottom underclothes instead. Playing completely unmodded.

Screen Shot 05-16-19 at 02.08 PM.PNG

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Forgot to mention I'm not using mods.

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Possibly also related to this issue:

Fishing rod never displayed correctly in one game. Still not certain how to replicate. When fishing rod is equipped, it continues to display the previous tool/weapon that had been equipped, and if empty-handed when equipping rod, displays nothing at all. Screenshots below.



Edit: On this play-through (Woodie character) all other items and equipment correctly update visually, excluding the rod.

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scope clarification

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Something on Klei's engine side for the AnimState.

[AnimState] Error serializing symbol override count for entity wickerbottom[186308] - 64 symbols; exceeds maximum size of 63

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