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Tureen Skin Not Working

Thiago Castro
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The Tureen Skin for the Crockpot is not working in the normal game. I had woven the skin using spools, but when i played the normal game the crockpot was completely normal... I mean, plain normal, NO tureen, just a normal crockpot. It was 1350 Spools wasted in nothing, feels really bad, man...


Steps to Reproduce
I just wove the Tureen Skin for the crockpot and went for a normal game, when my character builded a crockpot, it was normal and without skin.

Status: Pending

This issue has not been confirmed by a developer yet.

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User Feedback


Hi there, Thiago Castro.

I noticed that this is the first belonging skin you've obtained.

The structure/dress skins work different from clothing. There should be a tab (when you bring up the structure to build on the craft menu), that has an arrow pointing to the right. Click on the tab and it will shift from the normal crock pot to the other skins you have for it.

The skin won't be automatically applied when you build things like that because some people might want to make normal ones/other skins if they have them. Check for the clickable arrows to pick!

I hope that helps you out.

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